Saturday, July 4, 2009

4 July 2009 [2204]

HOTBODS!!! was that pretty much sums up today.

Gosh why can't I find my own Hotbods too!!haha...

3 July 2009 [2203]

Had art class at far so good...can't believe that the first of July is over now...that's what you get for sitting around all week!haha...

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

2 July 2009 [2202]

Still sitting around...feeling blah...

1 July 2009 [2201]

Right I am giving myself this week to sit around and sob about being and everything that is less...

2 June - 30 June 2009 [2170/2200]

The first 2 weeks of working in the new department was fine...I thought I could cover the person who was going on leave without any hiccup but I was freaking error lead to a week of dreading work...I hated it...I am not one who hates going to work...I love working...but I really hated that week of work...tsk least its over now...thankfully.

I prefer working in the AP office than the local one...AP people are more...calm and steady...the local ones are like headless chickens running around...maybe it's just the people who I was working for...yeap...its them...cos apparently the last person messed up to...hehe...

Now to move on...

Monday, June 1, 2009

1 June 2009 [2169]

I started at the new department far it's ok I gues...quite dull but I guess it's just the first day thing. Sleepy now...

31 May 2009 [2168]

Had the usual Sunday game...pretty good I must say. Read my book and went to bed :)

30 May 2009 [2167]

We played the first 9 and then when we were at the 11th hole, the siren went off cos there were the usual lighting the wind was really strong the kind that blows off caps and really tiny people! haha...

So we had to wait out the rain for an hour of so back at the club...hehe...I got to admire HB for another hour more!LOL...ok so he may have a bad temper towards his dad cos he is a mummy's boy...but damn! his has a killer bod! broad shoulders nice arms THE WORKS!! ok so the teeth could use a little help but other than that...YUMMY!!! Too bad that he has a dang to that one. :( Till next week! YEAH!

Slept right through dinner to the next morning! haha...just really really sleepy!

29 May 2009 [2166]

Didn't go for art class...too tired...tired from my "holiday" mood? maybe.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

28 May 2009 [2165]

Porky was telling me this last night when I told her that I didn't want to leave my cushy place...she said

"The grass may seem greener on the other side but the moon always sets in the same place"...I told her this in my terms can be summed up in one word..."Fucked!"
She has a point I guess...I must be the roaming intern...hehe...

Just had the office birthday party...quite friend was there to with me...hehe...I guess I am very fortunate to have someone I know the best here with me...hopefully I can be here for a loooooooooong time...25 years time!haha...right.

Likes the feeling of checking her gmail to find the replies from you all... :) so happy!

27 May 2009 [2164]

HR called me up...another month to go...this time in another department...well I guess it's ok in a way but I like where I am working at right's a more fun area where I am sitting at right now to! :( so yea...I guess it will be fine...I hope.

Met with the person I will be working for, seems like a very nice person...I mean it's the people that I don't look forward to or the company for that's more of the surroundings and the "having to make new friends again" that I don't really like...but that's part and parcel of it all huh. Porky could tell I was not happy...hehe...I like my nice smelling and comfy place! But who knows it might be nice upstairs to!

But then again I really really don't mind department hopping for some time cos then I get more exposure to every department here...and hopfeully I can get stuck here for 25years to come!! haha...*fingers crossed*

26 May 2009 [2163]

Still no news from upstairs.

Joyce's birthday tonight was fun. Had water bomb and of course the crowd favourite...BLACK JACK! haha...there were many times where I needed Jadey to help me...cos like I also don't know what to do...started with $2, then I kept winning...won like $10 or $12 then lost everything...I think I lost like $2 or $4 in the end...hehe...luckily Porky not there...can't bet like this with her around! LOL

Met Mr Lim...they are nice to ask all my questions...cos S was not there but I think he knew/expected yes...when's the wedding date ah? haha...
Managed to talk with P after sooo long...then she told me this funny thing and got the whole story wrong...ORHHH!haha...and there I was thinking Huh...why would he do that for? haha...nevermind...can't say too much to.

Cabbed bcak with Jadey who didn't know how to get home after me!AIYOOO!!

Came home and walked into Porky's breakdown...poor stressed until like that. Still can tell me that she NEVER!!! NEVER failed anyhting before...well unlike me lah of course...well...hehe...

25 May 2009 [2162]

Worked in the day...nothing much...still no news from see how :X

Sunday, May 24, 2009

24 May 2009 [2161]

I slept the whole day away! so holiday!
Got like 5 more days left. I hate this stop go stop go maybe..anxious feeling of not knowing what is going to happen...damn it!

I like the recent emails between us all...really
insightful and getting to know each other from point of
birth to now...good idea S

23 May 2009 [2160]

Golfed again, this time no HotBods! :X

22 May 2009 [2159]

Art at night...finally finished the piece I LIKE! so nice
the contrast of all.

21 May 2009 [2158]

V class at night. I HEART KINDER BEUNO!!I think that's how
it's spelt!

20 May 2009 [2157]

Asked HR for for a possibilit of a see how
it goes.

19 May 2009 [2156]

Nothing much at work.

18 May 2009 [2155]

work a few more days left...hate this
anxious feeling.

17 May 2009 [2154]

Played again today...very enjoyable. Slept the whole day!

16 May 2009 [2153]

Golfed...HotBods was there!!haha...whooo yea...didn't play
in the same flight but who to talk to
bad he got no facebook.. :(

15 May 2009 [2152]

Worked and art at night...

Monday, May 18, 2009

14 May 2009 [2151]

Golfed again in the day with Mr L, dad and!
Came back, slept and watched Monsters Inc at night.

13 May 2009 [2150]

Golf...His Hotbods came, I still think he is cute...despite the whole "I want to baptize the world"...waste of a good body? Don't know.

12 May 2009 [2149]

Worked and art at night...almost done with the current piece.

11 May 2009 [2148]

Worked...supposed to have a make-up V class but the teacher forgot.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 May 2009 [2147]

Golfed in the day with EB and Mr Lee. Very fun..."see you tomorrow!".
Dinner was at amah's place...cos it was part mother's day and part amah's birthday...of course the best food is at amah's place! :)

9 May 2009 [2146]

Slept the whole damn tired. Went out to Mr Yong's again...yum yum

8 May 2009 [2145]

Worked. Had art class at night. Met up with S&C.B...I tell you they look soooooo cute! ok...not going to "taruk mata" on them. But I really hope that they last...they will make cute babies together! I liked the part of how he said "I got charge service charge" and I told him ya what kind of service...hehe...muaks muaks...LOL...S why so shy!! haha...